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    Digital signage is the most effective,
    time-sensitive and flexible means of
    event communication.Change the
    game. THINK DIGITAL...
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    Our LCD and LED displays
    are Energy Star Certified. Digital
    signage will help you save
    money and cut down
    on printed signage.
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    Optimize your
    event communication
    and drive
    event attendees to
    action with relevant
    and timely messaging.
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Ready to Try Digital Signage?


Inspire and motivate! Digital Conventions' event digital signage solutions provide organizations the tools and technology to deliver key event information, powerful marketing messages, real- time event updates, captivating news and messaging and new avenues of event sponsorship and advertising revenue. Our line of Event Digital Signage products and services will provide

Event Digital Signage

Live Event Production

Social Media Integration

Mobile Integration

Graphic Design


Click on a map to see our displays.



Hall C & B


Hall A


Grand Lobby


Hall D & E


Meeting Rooms & Ballrooms



Display Systems

State of the art display technology with a full range of options. Make an impact at your next event.

South Skywalk Video Wall (SKY-2)
Overhead Digital Signage (ODS)
North Skywalk Video Marquee (SVM)
Charging Kiosk
Ballroom Identification Center (BIB)
Event Video Marquee (EVM)
Concourse Video Marquee (CVM)
Middle Building Video Wall (MVW)
Wall-mounted Display (WDS-025)
Digital Salon Flags (WSF, ESF)
Hall A Video Marquee
Concourse Video Wall (CBV)
Rotunda Video Marquee (RVM)
Charging Lounge
Metro Video Wall (coming soon)


We are currently servicing the following venues

Marriott Marquis Washington, DC

901 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 2000

more information

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

801 Mt Vernon Pl NW,
Washington, DC 20001

more information


  1. Where are the Oculus Digital Signage Network displays located?
  2. Oculus Digital Signage Network displays are located in all public spaces throughout the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and Marriott Marquis Washington DC (please refer to the digital signage floorplans for exact locations)
  3. What are your hours during events?
  4. Digital Conventions technical staff will be on-site one hour prior to your event start time through close of business each day.
  5. When do I need to submit content or design elements prior to my event?
  6. Design elements need to be received by Digital Conventions design staff one week prior to the start of your event.
  7. Can I produce digital signage on-site?
  8. Yes, Digital Conventions has a full on-site production studio. Our design staff will be available to help you with any of your on-site production needs. (additional charges may apply)
  9. Can I make changes to my digital signage content?
  10. Yes, the ability to update content is one of the key features of digital signage. All digital signage content can be updated or replaced once our technical staff has received the updated content and been notified.
  11. What graphic and video formats to you accept?
  12. Accepted graphic formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, PowerPoint, PSD, EPS and DOC Accepted video formats: WMV, QuickTime (H.246, MPEG-4, Animation, Uncompressed or Prores)
  13. What are the sizes and resolutions of the Oculus Digital Signage Network displays?
  14. All WDS and ODS display are comprised of 52 in and 57in LCD displays and are 1280x720 (720p) resolution. All MRP displays are comprised of 19 in LCD displays and are 1024 x 768 resolution. For videowall sizes and resolutions please refer to the digital signage overview
  15. Can I create a custom digital signage package?
  16. Yes, custom digital signage packages can be created from individual digital signage displays. Discounting will be applied to all custom packages based on the number of displays leased.
  17. Are there digital signage options in locations where there are currently no Oculus Digital Signage Network displays?
  18. Yes, Digital Conventions has a number of mobile digital signage options including: 80 in mobile digital signage displays. We also have mobile LED video walls and 19” LCD messaging displays.
  19. Can I use the Oculus Digital Signage Network displays for overflow or live video?
  20. Yes, The Oculus Digital Signage Network has the capability to distribute live high-definition video from any location in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center or Marriott Marquis Washington, DC to any WDS, ODS, GVW, MVW, EVM display or mobile digital signage display in the facility. The Oculus Digital Signage Network also has the capability to webcast live video from the Convention Center.
  21. Can I integrate social media into the Oculus digital signage network?
  22. Yes, we frequently display Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs and webpages on Oculus Digital Signage Network displays.
  23. How is payment made to Digital Conventions?
  24. Full payment for all items ordered from Digital Conventions is required prior to the event in order to process service request. Any additional charges will be invoiced at show site. We accept payment via: Check, Credit Card (AMEX, VISA and MASTERCARD) and Wire Transfer.

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